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At Fitco-Consulting, we adopt a proven rigorous search process for each assignment. We aim to continuously perfect our service for both client and candidate all the time.

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Project Confirmation

Establish Time Frame

Sign Confidentiality Agreement & Contract

Confirm job description

Conduct needs analysis

Develop Ideal Candidate Profile

Agree on Target Companies

Agree On Interview Process

Agree on Offer Process

Agree on Approach

Identify Candidates

Contact Candidates

Obtain Resumes

Conduct Interviews

Check References

1 Day

1 Day

1-2 Weeks

3-4 Weeks




Present Shortlisted Candidates

Agree on Suitability

Set Up Interviews

Prepare Client

Prepare Candidates

Client Interviews Candidates

Obtain Immediate Client Feedback

Facilitate Communications

Information Feedback

Assist In Negotiations

Contingency Planning

Obtain Marketing References

Project Approval

Planning  & Preparation

Interview & Assess

Shortlist Presentation

Clients Interview Process

Candidates Review & Feedback

Offer & Acceptance

Obtain Candidate Feedback

Prepare Further interviews

Obtain Final Feedback

Conduct Personality and Eligibility Assessments* 

Conduct Professional Reference Checks

At Fitco, we use the most advanced and effective methodologies to ensure success in the search process.


A strict screening process is undertaken to ensure only highly suitable candidates are presented.

The ideal candidate is fully understood from having a detailed interview with the line manager.

We ensure the CV of the candidate is factually accurate and if necessary also make improvements to ensure it reflects their experiences, capabilities and key achievements.

We have 72 tough questions to create a detailed assessment for the following characteristics that are presented eith every candidates CV. They are:

Approaches to Problem Resolution​​

Communication Skills​​


Interpersonal Skills​​

Management Administration

Our Business Ethics

Fitco-Consulting strictly abides by its business ethics below:

Fitco-Consulting will not recommend candidates employed by a client to any other clients

Fitco-Consulting will not recommend a client's employee to other clients

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