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Fitco Consulting is a boutique executive search and strategic human resources consulting firm focused on providing an ideal fit between corporations and executive talents.


To enable clients transition from Good to Great


To bring outstanding business results for clients through uniquely tailored talent solutions with a personal touch

Core Values

“Personal growth” to Integrity, Diversity, Fellowship & Sustainability

Fitco strives to be the most customer-aligned search firm in the world, as we continue to  build on our 10 year track record of 100% client satisfaction.

With offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley and Cambridge-UK, Fitco is well positioned to prodive executive search and HR consulting projects across fast growing markets in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

 Our personalized, highly tailored, proven search process & strategic consulting solutions; combined with a deep understanding of global markets help our client organizations to:

Recruit and retain the best talents in the marketplace

Build innovative teams

Reach strategic organizational goals

Unleash organizational constraints and potentials

Enhance market competitiveness and increase market share


Fitco-consulting has recently undertaken an important talent acquisition function for us across the ASEAN region, especially in both Singapore and Indonesia. Fitco tailored each search accurately and suitable talents were both promptly identified, approached, interviewed, screened, persuaded and presented to us by a highly professional process.

We can therefore highly recommend Fitco-Consulting for its professional, personalized and efficient services and for providing leadership and strategic consulting solutions as accredited by its long-term membership of AESC."

Liang Bo

China Telecom - Singapore HR Manager

"From the start, Fitco-Consulting impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed a Head of Asia Business Development to start our Asia operations. After an intriguing interview process and analysis of our company and desired candidate, they found the right person in just 8 weeks. They have gone beyond our expectations to deliver great candidates for selection and have guided us to making the correct offer."

Nick Peyton

Mueller - VP

"We chose Fitco for several good reasons including a considered and thorough approach to understanding the brief, skilled questioning and business principles such as a shared culture of concern for ecology and the environment.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in endorsing the ability of Fitco to find and persuade the best people in an industry sector once a professional assignment is gen to them to secure top talent."

Paul Smith

Costa Coffee Asia - CEO

"Since 2011, we have been working with Fitco-Consulting as its preferred retained search partner in Asia to recruit the majority of its senior management and business development talent across China, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Allegro Micro Systems therefore has no hesitation in recommending Fitco to any ambitious multinational company wanting to bring on board the very best talent at an affordable price in respect of the quality retained search industry sector that they compete in as an AESC member."

Linda L. Laprad

Allegro - HR Business Partner

"Fitco was recently engaged by us to hire a Sales Professional in South East Asia. They demonstrated to us confidence as a specialist executive search firm for efficiently finding talents for new market entry into Asia.

We recommend Fitco to any company requiring ideal candidates to penetrate Asian markets and we will continue our cooperations for other strategic positions across Asia going forward."

Claire Cheng

Werner - General Manager

"Fitco provided WireCo with professional work and diligence in finding the right candidate for our company. We appreciate Fitco's thorough work in learning our organizational culture and needs.

I highly recommended Fitco for organizations seeaking leading, high quality talent for their business."

Blake Chandler

WireCo - Marketing Director

"I consider that Fitco provides a service comparable with the most prestigious search firms in Shanghai and they work tirelessly, efficiently and at a reasonable price to deliver optimal recruitment outcomes with personal commitment and touch only an owner operated firm can deliver.

We are now committed to engaging with Fitco for many more future appointments of our senior technical staff."

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Dr. Dong-Fang Chen

Firmenich - VP R&D Asia

"It was an exceptional experience working with Fitco, a highly professional boutique search firm with a personal touch. I have no hesitation in endorsing the ability of Fitco to find and persuade the best talent in a specific industry sector once a professional assignment is given to them to secure talent."

Michael Davenport

Bray Controls - Sales Director

"I highly recommend the services of Fitco-Consulting. We retained Fitco in October 2014 to fill a very critical Asia Sales Director position in the hygiene sector, and they exceeded our expectations in every way."

Dan Brower

APLIX - Global Vice President of Sales

"Fitco was instrumental in  both finding and helping bring the candidates on board. They efficiently presented a sufficient shortlist of candidates for both positions within only two weeks by undertaking a thorough search across the targeted medical sectors. Fitco was able to bring on board two ideal talents within our required timeline."

Arni Arason

Ossur - President


Fitco consulting encourages their clients to follow Good to Great principles, building Level 5 Leaders in order to achieve success on their personal and professional endeavors.

Built to last, the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performance can be engineered into the DNA of an enterprise from the very beginning.

But what about the company that is not born with great DNA? How can good companies, mediocre companies, even bad companies change to achieve enduring greatness?

Our Number 1 client, Allegro Microsystems shows the way with Good to Great philosophies applied including getting the right people on the bus as Fitco has enabled them to do since 2012 and since 2014 they have grown at over 33% per annum in the world's largest automotive market in China. 

Why some companies make the leap and others don't?

Happy satisfied mature businessman looki

Level 5 Leadership

Level 5 Leadership

Level 5 executives "Build enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will" Collins explains

Level 5 Leadership

Hedgehog Concept 2.jpg

Heading 4

The Hedgehog concept

Good to Great companies are like hedgehogs - "simple, dowdy creatures that knows 'one big thing' and stick to it. The comparison companies are more like foxes - crafty, cunning creatures that know many things yet lack consistency" says Collins. Good to Great companies apply the hedgehog concept to find  simplicity within three intersected circles: what you can be the best in the world at; what you are deeply passionate about; and what drives your economic engine.

The Hedgehog concept (simplicity within the three circles)


Heading 4

The Flywheel Concept

"No matter how dramatic the end result, Good to Great transformations never happened in one fell swoop," says Collins. "There was no single defining action, no grand program, no one killer innovation, no solitary lucky break [like the Hush Puppies epidemic], no miracle moment. Rather, the process resembled relentlessly pushing a giant heavy flywheel in one direction, turn upon turn, building momentum until a point breakthrough, and beyond."

The  Flywheel Concept

First who then what.jpg

Heading 4

1st Who..Then What

Good to Great leaders "first get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats - and then they figure out where to drive it." says Collins

1st Who ... Then What

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Heading 4

A Culture of Discipline

“All companies have a culture, some companies have discipline, but few companies have a culture of discipline,” Collins explains. “When you combine a culture of discipline with an ethic of entrepreneurship, you get the magical alchemy of great performance.”

ACulture of Discipline


Heading 4

Confront the brutal facts, yet never lose  faith

"Every Good to Great company embraced the [Vietnam POW] Stockdale Paradox: you must maintain unwavering faith that you can and will prevail in the end regardless of the diffifulties, and, at the same time, have the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be." - Collins

Confront the brutal  facts, yet never lose   faith

Technology Accelerators 7.png

Heading 4

Technology Accelerators

"Good to Great companies think differently about the role of technology," says Collins. "They never use technology as the primary means of igniting a transformation. Yet, paradoxically, they are pioneers in the application of carefully selected technologies."

Technology Accelerators


Steele Executive Search Boston, USA

Paula Steele.jpg

Paula Kazarosian

Steele Executive Search, Inc is a high end boutqiue firm which specializes in difficult to fill, pivotal positions within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Although they have relationships with select large pharmaceutical companies, their specialty is in helping emerging biotechs build their core infrastructure. They are intuitive and forthright, depending almost solely on the relationships they have built over their 10 years in industry as an independent firm and Paula Kazarosian's 18 years previously working within a larger recruiting company.


JWC Partners Chicago, USA

Jennifer W. Christensen

JWC  Partners was founded on the principles of superior client service with a focus on strengthening boards and global executive teams. They focus on the recruitment of talented board directors and executives who work closely with the board, ensuring a strong cultural fit. Their leadership succession and board assessment services enable executives to develop professionally and boardrooms to function effectively. Their clients appreciate their assistance in aligning talent and organizational capabilities with strategic priorities.

David Parket Profile Picture.jpeg

Geddes Parker & Partners NSW, Australia

David Parker

Established in 1989, Geddes Parker & Partners provide Executive Search and Human Capital Consulting services across a diversity of business sectors throughout the Australian and South East Asian business communities. A unique feature of Geddes Parker is the tightly managed and restricted client base within each industry sector enabling the firm to search extensively within minimal off limits restrictions. A strategic decision to maintain a quality approach,to provide consistently high standard of performance, had meant Geddes Parker has remained a small, highly focused team. The continuing success of the firm is totally dependent upon the continuing success of the client companies, as a consequence long lasting, mutually rewarding relationships are the result.

Be Mad Consultancy Logo.jpeg

Be Extraordinary - Make a Difference   Singapore

David Ong Portrait2.jpg

Dr. David Ong

BE-MAD Consultancy is the leading professional learning and training agency for human resources (HR) professionals in Singapore. At BE-MAD, they treat each client to "Be Extraordinary" and it is their mission to create programs to meet the extraordinary needs so that individuals can "Make A Difference".

They offer a comprehensive range of professional training programs which are designed to build competency so that skills can be applied in the organisation. More importantly, their programs are customised to meet clients needs.

Their team of professional consultants led by Dr David Ong are from diverse backgrounds and have rich experience in training and consultancy. They engage each training program with the 'BE-MAD' ideology to ensure each learning experience is extraordinary.

David has more than 28 years of Managing, Developing and Training Human Capital both local and regional countries which includes, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bhutan, and various provinces of China.

 His vast training experiences and travels make him a close Business Consultant with numerous corporations, collaborating them in their Organization Development in areas related to Values and Culture, Change Management, Change Implementation, Training Needs Analysis, Training Evaluation, and Leadership Competency Model. 

His niche areas are delivering Leadership Competency Related Programs; ie, Project Management, Change Management, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Creativity, Innovation, Negotiations, Diversity Management, Team Enhancement, Communications, People Skills, and Human Behavioral Science (Psychology/Sociology).

He also set up, equipped, and trained numerous Organization HR Practitioner in areas like; Change Framework and Model, Training Needs Analysis, Training Design and Development, Training Delivery, and Training Evaluation.

His clients include :

1.          Harley Davidson Motor Company, AP

2.         Oracle, Demand Generation Group, AP

3.         Sem-Corp Singapore

4.         International Copper Association, AP

5.         Novus International, Greater China Cluster

6.         Sumitomo Chemicals

7.         Subaru, Japan

8.         Electra, AP

9.         Zhengzhi Enterprise China Shandong Linyi   

YouMan Research Logo.jpeg

YouMan Research 

Lorenzo Modesti Portrait 2.jpeg

Lorenzo Modesti

Youman is a "boutique search firm", located in Rome, offering recruitment services, in Italy as well as abroad. Lorenzo Modesti started-up Youman in 2009, with the deep belief that a great experience for candidates leads to a higher reputation for customers. All they search for, everyday, is a Person, which is never synonymous with personnel! During these exciting years they have been working with leading players in the following industries:  ICT, Fashion & Retail, Legal, Pharma & Medical Devices. Utilities and fulfilled hundreds of positions in almost every functional area (R&D, Sales, Retail, Operations, Field Force, Finance, Human Resources). Lorenzo Modesti is a psychologist and specialist in clinical psychology, with a long career as a recruiter and HR consultant in multinational companies with extensive experience in the Telco and ICT sectors. YOUMAN is based on a careful analysis of the demand - of the client as well as of the candidate - of the respective contexts and cultures of belonging.