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Fitco specializes in market entry and for MNC's that are looking to establish themselves in the Asia Pacific Region.

With in-depth knowledge and experience of local and global practices, laws and labour markets, Fitco's Anglo-Sino team understands what it takes to grow businesses here.

We are able to support our clients throughout the entire process and our targeted searches find only the best talent with an experiences track record of success.


Successful Case Examples

Fitco-Consulting was commissioned by a Client to search for an experiences Regional Commercialization Manager to head a new business team.

As the Client operates in a niche area of pharmaceutical products, the number of competitor companies with potential candidates was limited to only 3. Hence it was vital that all possible candidates were selected within the same organizations, it was of paramount importance that the search process and details be kept confidential.


Regional Commercialisation Manager (South East Asia)

Industry: Pharmaceutical

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