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In a world that grows more complex and intensely connected each day, strategy and design thinking are no longer just the playground of design-focused companies. Organizations of every type and industry can (and must) use core design principles and applied creativity to develop innovative strategies that better connects them with their end users.

According to the IBM 2017 Global C-suite Study,

"Organizations of all sizes are prioritizing personalized customer experiences. The enterprises that most effectively deliver on this imperative are using design thinking to manage complexity, orchestrate across channels and truly understand their customers’ motivations."

To this end, organizations have three critical tasks:

  1. Filling the funnel with a flow of creative ideas

          2. Validating those ideas and prioritizing the best ones

3. Shepherding them from seed stage to market.


Course Introduction

      Each of us is unique and has a different thinking style.           There is no one best style. Yet there are definite individual and organizational advantages when people know their thinking preferences and can use an organizational framework - Whole Brain Thinking-to capitalize on their own preferences and tap into those of others. 

         In the rush to solve problems and get them out of the way, too many business decisions are made with little or no real thought. People look at what facts they have in front of them and act without thinking things through. The Whole Brain approach to problem solving ensures that all aspects are considered, and the action will solve the real problem so the problem will not come back later.

        Today's problems are often yesterday's decisions.

In today's business environment there is often little time to think. We live in the 'here and now' . Everybody wants it 'now'.  This results in many decisions being made 'on the fly', without really thinking things through or without being able to consider all the facts. The result is often poor decision making. 

     This course recognizes the reality of today's business world and provides a structure that ensures problem solving and that decisions made are as good as they can be.

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After completing this 2 Days Program, you shall be able to:

  • Comprehend our Thinking Process

  • Describe the Whole Brain Model™

  • Recognise the four dominant thinking styles

  • Recognize how thinking preferences influence decisions

  • Identify why people make the decisions they do

  • Think about the consequences more fully

  • Make more balanced Whole Brain® decisions

  • Make better decisions in group situations

  • Diagnose the different types of problems they face at work

  • Differentiate the impact their thinking preferences have on the way they solve problems

  • Use the Whole Brain Model™ to understanding how other people solve problems

  • Use the Whole Brain Model™ to understanding how you can solve problems

  • Use the Whole Brain Problem Solver™ to solve real business problems

  • Solve both ‘fix it’ and ‘do it’ type problems fast and effectively

  • Solve problems effectively both on their own and with other people

  • Apply the Skills Sets learnt in daily operations

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  1. Introduction – Start Thinking

  • Our Thinking Power and Cycle

  • The power of Whole Brain® Thinking through an interactive activity

  • Drills deeper into the Whole Brain Model™ by identifying individual characteristics associated with each of the four quadrants in the Whole Brain Model™

  • Our Four Different Selves

  • Every day thinking, provide us the opportunity to see Whole Brain® Thinking in what we see and read

    2. Think about decision making

  • Thinking preferences and decision making

  • Applies the Whole Brain Model™ to decision making

  • Shows the impact that thinking preferences have on decision making

  • The Whole Brain Decider™

  • Overviews the 4-step process of the decision-making process

  • Introduces the Whole Brain Decider™

  • Explains how individuals need to think differently at different stages

  • Decision making exercises

  • Practices using the Whole Brain Decider™

  • Builds skills and awareness in decision making

  • Enhances the ability to make Whole Brain® decisions

    3. Think about problem solving

  • Thinking preferences and problem solving

  • Applies the Whole Brain Model™ to problem solving

  • Shows the impact that thinking preferences have on problem solving

  • The Whole Brain Problem Solver™

  • Overviews the 4-step process in Whole Brain® Problem Solving

  • Problem Solving exercises

  • Practices using the Whole Brain Problem Solver™

  • Builds skills and awareness in problem solving

    4. Think about Business and Revenues

  • Engaging Businesses in the Whole Brain Way

  • Holistic Returns On Investment

    5. Summary and Closing

  • Action planning and sharing

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should attend?

1.       Owners and Leaders

2.        C-Suites, Top Management and Senior Management

3       Business Heads, Division Heads, Department Heads


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Interactive Discussion

Short Video Clips

Actual case studies discussion

Step by Step guide on applying the skills set

Templates provided to apply each skill set

Individual Practices and Group Work

Training Language

English primarily, summary in Chinese, bilingual textbooks

RMB 6,000 / Two Days

No. 400 Panyu Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Course Time & Venue

18th to 19th April - 0900hrs – 1730hrs

Complimentary Parking available upon Request.

Crowne Plaza Hotel 3F Opal Room 2

Tea Breaks and Buffet Lunch will be provided

Course Fee



David Ong Suit Pose Hi res.jpg

David Ong

                             has more than 28 years experience as a Training Consultant helping companies transform across the

Asia Pacific Region.

David is professionally trained as a business development and communications expert and has broad experience in corporate consultation and sales for complex products. Tapping on his extensive experience in consultative selling to senior executives as well as his mastery of human psychology., David can boost the perceived expertise and buy in rate of sales teams.

Past clients include Fortune 500 companies like Oracle, Harley Davidson, Panasonic and Novus International and top sales teams at Prudential, AIA and many more.

Companies that have benefitted from David’s Consultation and Coaching include:

Seagate International                        Panasonic Asia Pacific

  • China   Wuxi, Suzhuo

  • Thailand   Bangkok, Korat

  • Singapore

  • Singapore, Malaysia, Viet-Nam 

  • Thailand - PISCAP  

  • Singapore - PAPRDSG


“David has helped to transform my Global IT Group into a Learning and Sharing Team. Various countries business units have become more aligned and bonded.”

CP Wong - V President, Seagate Global IT Group

“David helped to create a structure and system that encourage my Team to be more proactive, and contributes to lots of our new innovations.”

Wong TF - Senior Director Seagate Singapore

“David’s Coaching and Trainings has made my Team Leads more confident and competent to resolving issues and coming out with innovative ideas”

Fang Fang, Senior Director Seagate Wuxi/Suzhou

“David has helped my Organization to transform into a more innovative unit, embracing the tagline “My Business, My Family”. We have also gained much from his Coaching and Training thus developing into a highly effective team and great individual contributors.”

Rachael, MD Panasonic PISC Asia Pacific

“With David’s Consultancy and Advice, we are slowly transforming from a traditional manufacturing into Industry 4.0 smart factory. Our people are more positive and engaged with the Change Management structure and system implemented.”

Leong MC, Senior Director Panasonic PAPRDSG

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147 8215  1324  -  Cliff

159 0057 8158  -  Frank 

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