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Fitco's ESG Projects

Environmental, social and corporate governance is core to the values which Fitco-Consulting believes and consequently we proactively undertake real projects.

Fitco's co-founder Cliff Hegan has a lifelong commitment to the environment and in previous years brought huge benefits to the world and wishes to continue this tradition with his own company.

We have three initiatives, namely Project Blueskye which was founded in 2015, Global Village which was founded in 2019 and Beenevolence which was founded in 2020.


Mission to Save our bees from Extinction

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Global Village

Set in the stunning mountains in Huairou District due north of Beijing close to The Great Wall, Turtle Peak Valley is an oasis of unspoilt tranquility with 6000Mu of scenic land with numerous trails around the property with amazing views of The Great Wall just 15 minutes drive away.

Global Village _TPV Logo v4_3x.jpg

Project Blueskye

Blueskye is an organisation of diverse elite members, working to foster global cooperation on environmental issues, securing sustainable outcomes, promoting global experts, developing environmental programs to generate long term survival for all and to eliminate pollution across the world. Founded in 2014, BLUESKYE is governed by and accountable to its contributors that make up its global membership.

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