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Our Trainer

Dr David Ong

David in Action

David explains how getting employees to feel a sense of belonging is essential to getting the best out of your staff

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"David can fill a training day with profound expertise and energy. You walk out with decent memorable stuff and the feeling you grasped key points as they were presented in a time shortening way."  

                                 --Dr. Christian Reisinger CEO

                                                              Bohi Industry. 

                     Shandong Yamei Sci-Tech Co., Ltd   

David has more than 28 years of Managing, Developing and Training Human Capital both local and regional countries which includes, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bhutan, and various provinces of China.

His vast training experiences and travels make him a close Business Consultant with numerous corporations, collaborating with them in their Organization Development in areas related to Values and Culture, Change Management, Change Implementation, Training Needs Analysis, Training Evaluation, and Leadership Competency Model.

His niche areas are delivering Leadership Competency Related Programs; ie, Project Management, Change Management, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Creativity, Innovation, Negotiations, Diversity Management, Team Enhancement, Communications, People Skills, and Human Behavioral Science (Psychology/Sociology).

He also set up, equipped, and trained numerous Organization HR Practitioner in areas like; Change Framework and Model, Training Needs Analysis, Training Design and Development, Training Delivery, and Training Evaluation.

"David is a very passionate and energetic trainer, an experienced facilitator. There are many trainings out there but really it’s the person who gave the training makes the difference. David is definitely the one who made the difference."

                                                                    --- Deng Jun

                    New Business Development Manager

                                               ThermoFisher Scientific 

In the areas of Reading People and Profiling, David has supported numerous organizations in:

1. Identifying a good match of talents to the right positions. 

 2. Equipped Sales Teams Skills in building quick rapports with Potential clients and maintaining key accounts relationship.​

3. Leaders and Managers in building Team cohesiveness and greatly enhance communication skills

In the areas of Sales Management and Marketing, David has been the Master Trainer and Consultant for;

1.          Harley Davidson Motor Company, AP

2.         Oracle, Demand Generation Group, AP

3.         Sem-Corp Singapore

4.         International Copper Association, AP

5.         Novus International, Greater China Cluster

6.         Sumitomo Chemicals

7.         Subaru, Japan

8.         Electra, AP

9.         Zhengzhi Enterprise China Shandong Linyi   

 His professional training development includes a PhD from STADA/Singapore, Training Design from Wagga Wagga/Australia, and Training Methodologies from Canada.

He is also the Master Trainers with a few recognized institutions in conducting Train the Trainer programs in Training Delivery, Training Methodology, Training Design, OJT Structuring, Test Constructions, and Presentation Skills.

His passion in Human Behavioral Science has seen him further studied in the fields of Education-Adult Learning and Psychology-Behaviors.

He is also certified in numerous profiling tools namely; 

Whole Brain Thinking HBDI level 1, 2 and 3.

Organization Consultant in transforming traditional factory setting into Industrial 4.0 SMART Factory. (Ongoing)

The US FBI “Art of Profiling” and others.

Global US Sandler Sales Master Trainer.

Handwriting Analysis



NLP Practitioner

Practitioner of Mindfulness

David also has vast experience in military communication setting after serving 18 years in the Republic of Singapore Air Force, early retiring as a Principle Instructor. He was also the People Developer Officer in Air Force School, instrumental in assisting the school in achieving People Developer System awards within 9 months.

He was also the officer in charge of managing and implementing the change from Traditional Classroom Learning into eLearning engaging the different training methodologies to best suit the learners. Methodologies included - remote online learning, simulations, gamifications, experiential learning, and problem-based learning. 

All this are managed by Learning Management System to provide one stop solution. 

He also received the Singapore President Efficiency Medal.  

David is a strong believer and practitioner of Mindful Moments in helping to have a clear mind to achieve more with a clear and focus mind. He advocates that mindfulness should be learned not as a technique but as a life skill and practiced not as a quick fix but as a way of life.

He is conversant in both English and Chinese.

David has experience in the following areas-

Organization Development employing 7S Mc Kinsey Framework

Change Management and Implementation

Leadership and Management Skills – Project Management, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Team Management

Sales Training – BAT, Negotiations, Key Account Management, Team Management.

Training and Development Cycle – Needs Analysis, Delivery, and Evaluation

People Skills – Communication, EQ, Profiling

Train the Trainer – Presentation, Facilitation, and Preparation

Coaching for Performance, Personal Success & Mentoring

Business Consultation for Organization Culture, Learning and Development

Conducted numerous Team building programs across the region.

Recent Change Management Related Projects:

Seagate International, Global IT Group.

Organization Consultant in helping to Align the Culture, Managing, Measuring and Monitoring Change. (Completed 2015)

Panasonic Appliances And Refrigeration Devices Singapore (PAPRDSG)

Organization Consultant in transforming traditional factory setting into Industrial 4.0 SMART Factory. (Ongoing)

Panasonic IT Shared Company Asia Pacific (PISCAP)

Organization Consultant in Transforming Senior Management change in thinking towards change and implementing change framework and parameters so that all staff have Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Abilities, and Reinforcement to carry out the changes. (End Stage)

David Ong is also the Public Speaker for SNEF on Change Management in terms of Motivating and Influencing Change for the workforce.

Major Clients that have benefited from his In-house customized delivery include:

- Bhutan Minister Ministry 

- Bilcare Pharma Packaging, Global

- Copper Development, SEA, AP

- UOB Group

- Huntsman

- Sumitomo Chemicals Asia

- APV China and Asia Pacific

- International Business Forum, India

- MBL, Myanmar

- Seagate International

- Jet Aviation

- Stock Exchange Thailand

- HP Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong

- CMD MINDEF, and various Air Bases 

- Care Stream Health, China and Asia

- Subaru, Japan

- Singapore Pools

- Seagate International

- Sharp Electronics

- JR Global

- Han Jin Shipping

- Insights International

- Novus International

- Oracle, Asia Pacific

- Elektra, Asia Pacific

- Harley Davidson Asia Pacific 

 - Panasonic PISC, AP

- Panasonic PADRDSG

- Zhengzhi Enterprise China Shandong Linyi

- International Copper Alliance, APi

- VFS International

Major working partners:

Senior Trainer with Singapore National Employers Federation, (SNEF).

Master Trainer and Advisory Consultant for Fitco-Consulting

Master Trainer for ITE Train the Trainer Program.

Master Trainer ST e-services, Centre For Management Development.

Master Trainer, Sandler Training Institute Asia Pacific.

Master Trainer JRGlobal Pte Ltd

Master Trainer of Harley Davidson University, AP

Master Consultant and Trainer for Seagate AP GIT

Master Trainer Herrmann International

Master Trainer JF Pearson Shanghai

Master Consultant and Trainer for Panasonic, PISCAP 

Master Consultant and Trainer for Panasonic, PAPRDSG​

Organization Advising Consultant, Zhengzhi Enterprise China Shandong Linyi

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