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Learn from the expert who practiced and helped many achieve realistic results.
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Course Introduction

Want to know how to empower your team to reach their sales targets effortlessly? 
Want to arm your sales teams with the right knowledge, tools and techniques to explode sales and generate more revenue?
Want to know how to create, manage and drive an effective sales force to optimise the performances, thus making a difference to revenues?
In today's highly competitive sales environment, the ability to sustain a profitable sales revenue is of key importance. Being adept at managing customer demands, maintaining key accounts and growing together with customers in a B2B context is vital.
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After completing this program, you shall be able to
Manage a successful customer and sales-focused business which will set you apart from your contemporaries
Develop your sales planning and forecasting skills to manage your sales teams effectively
Employ effective CRM Strategies, developing an advanced working knowledge of customer acquisitions and retention
Have a consistent sales cycle and process that yields results
Create a conductive environment to talk business
Uncover the underlying needs and requirements of customers
Provide a value-add solution where the customer appreciates and provides you with more referrals
Reduce objections and rejection during closing
Shorten sales cycles
Feel good throughout the whole sales process
Mentor, coach and supervise a highly effective sales force to consistently produce results
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Professional Managers, and executives in B2B industries seeking a turnaround in the "Performance".
Owners, Directors and Managers responsible for business development and planning on local or International markets.
Managers and Supervisors who seek to plan, direct and motivate their sales teams.
Sales professionals who want to master the art of "selling".
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Who Should Attend?

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