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Our qualified consultants have the critical skills to help develop and reinforce strategy and skill expansion to achieve organizational effectiveness.

We also work with our clients' Senior Executives and key employees to improve and strengthen their leadership skills to help them deliver better business results that bring forward greater competitive advantages.


Customised strategies to help improve predefined goals and objectives

Skill building

Performance improvement

Increase leadership abilities

Behavioural change

Due to the globalisation of mergers and acquisitions, executive coaching is deemed increasingly highly important for it is highly effective and underlies the core leadership style of a leader.


An executive who wants to strengthen his peoples skills to show dedication

A senior executive who fails to deliver essential leadership skills

A newly promoted CEO

Firms that want to stimulate, encourage, teach and advance their efficiencies.

What is Professional or Executive Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a willing individual in order to achieve a deep, personal connection of beliefs, values, and vision. It enables, through a process of discovery, goal setting and specific action. It is for the realization of extraordinary results. It is based in a body of knowledge, technology and a style of relating that focus on the development of human capacity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says it well

"Our chief want in life is somebody who wil make us do what we can."

The following are some of the key distinctions that we work with in coaching an executive and empowering an organization to operate as a community. We believe coaching enhances the quality of life for both the individual being coached and the coach and that it enables people both people to operate at their full capacity with joy and ease. This assists people in being clear about their legacy.

Areas of Coaching

Emotional Intelligence: In a generic sense, this has to do with being able to handle situations with compassion through self-awareness and self-discipline. The best managers score high in emotional intelligence.

Relationships: The relationship of the people in the company is the human glue that holds the company together and helps it operate at it's maximum capacity. A coach helps you get to really know your people, their needs and what motivates them.

Feedback: This ranges from active listening to formal assessment tools and reports about an executives performance, behavior and possible blind spots. Feedback enable the executive to create development plans that increase performance sometimes through behavior modifications.

Listening: Listening is the key to being an effective leader. Sometimes it is lonely at the top and an executive needs a listener and an effective dialogue to sort through issues and decisions. A coach knows the kind of questions to ask that lead to insights and openings for action for the executive in his or her roles.

Stretch and Risk: We will push ourselves outside of our comfort zone with the support of a great coach.

Commitment: Re-examining goals and values from a holistic approach. Being a CEO, president, manager, etc is not who you are in life, it is only one aspect of a full life of friends and family and interests. How do we keep harmony in all these areas?

Effective Communication: The gift of language as a tool. Both speaking and listening do only one of two things in life. They create or destroy. Know the difference and honor the tool.

Effective Communication: The gift of language as a tool. Both speaking and listening do only one of two things in life. They create or destroy. Know the difference and honor the tool.

Personal Power: Where does it come from outside of knowledge?

Passion: What is it and what is mine? We thinking our passion is those things we love to do, we say those things are an expression of our passion, that our passion is our gift, what we make available in the world; our purpose. What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

Strategic Design: Creating and implementing personal or corporate Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values.

Fitco has a network of coaches ranging from MCC, PCC and ACC who can provide professional coaching services to multinational organizations.
They are all Certified by ICF, the International Coaching Federation
MCC: more than 2500 hours of coaching experience

PCC: more than 500 hours of coaching experience

ACC: more than 125 hours of coaching experience
Please let us know your expectations on coaching, then we will assign you to interview with the right coach.
Fitco-Consulting's Erickson Trained coaches provide 3 months of Personal Coaching to all places candidates.
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