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Fitco-Consulting's compliance regulations
provide our Clients and our Advisors complete confidence in our services.

Compliance is of high importance to Fitco-Consulting's services. This page provides an overview to the critical components of our Compliance rules. Although it is far from being a comprehensive guide, it serves to give guidance on our compliance philosophy. Each of our clients has individual requirements so Fitco-Consulting has created a flexible platform that enables them to tailor our advisory consulting to their unique needs.

Fitco's approach has three stages: Suitability of our advisors, Advisory Compliance at all times and meeting project goals as agreed with our clients.

Suitability of our advisors

Rules: Fitco-Consulting has set rules to which every Advisor must agree to comply with before a consultation may take place. These are designed to provide clear boundaries and they directly address sensitive subjects such as employers and competitors. For greater detail, you may review, a Summary of Key Rules or our Terms and Conditions, which are modified by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation and Data Transfer Agreement.

Guidance: Our Advisors are given clear guidance about their obligations regarding the consultancy projects they are allocated. Advisors must affirm that they have read and understood the guidance upon joining our network and must also indicated they have again reviewed it within 2 months prior to the consultation. 

Reference Checks: As an experienced executive search firm we undertake background checks on all our advisors prior to them engaging with a client. These checka encompass, among other things, criminal histories in the countries they reside and also foreign countries.

Employer Restrictions: Fitco-Consulting will not accept Advisors who are employees of a company, that Fitco-Consulting believes restricts its employees from undertaking outside consulting. If Fitco-Consulting learns of any such prohibition, it records the company in the Fitco-Consulting Employer Registry Database so that future consultant applicants will be notified of any relevant restrictions that apply to them.

Advisory Compliance

Fitco Project Evaluation: Before a project commencement, Fitco-Consulting will review the clients requirements to determine whether our consultant and the information they are expected to deliver comply with Fitco-Consulting’s rules. Fitco-Consulting may request additional information and gain the guidance of an external lawyer as deemed necessary.

Client Information Requests: A client may require additional information and parameters be applied to their projects. These can include specific compliance questions, client approvals of advisors has provided or expert confirmations.

Project Compliance: Advisors must confirm that they will conduct a specific project consultation conforming with the Fitco-Consulting Terms and Conditions.

Advisors Compensation relating to compliance violations: Our Advisors will cancel any consultation in which they believe they being obliged to violate our compliance rules. If this should occur for these reasons, we will still pay them for the full consultation.

Advisory Project Assesment

Systematic Review and Follow-up:  Continually during any project, the Fitco-Consulting Leadership Team  will review progress at different stages, searching for any issues that may warrant further examination. If appropriate, they will make additional inquiries. Advisors who violate Fitco's compliance rules may well be removed from both the project and our service.

Benchmarking: Advisors will be required to complete a weekly assessment report detailing the progress they are making and this will provide an audit of the consultations made and any requests made.

Client Feedback: Our clients will be sent the weekly assessment report in order that they can be continuously informed on the project progress and raise any concerns immediately.

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