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Boao Medical Tourism Conference November 2022
Cliff Hegan's speech on Coaching & Mental Health
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On Tuesday 22nd of November,

Cliff Hegan made 2 speeches to the China Medical Tourism Conference;

The first a 5 minute talk at the conference luncheon about the Global Village Project that he and his partner Katherine are overseeing in their Turtle Peak Valley paradise in the Beijing Mountains north of Beijing close to the Great Wall.

The second was a 25 minute talk about the benefits to mental health related to coaching.

Cliff researched this topic extensively beforehand and made a clear case for how peoples self esteem and confidence can be greatly increased through coaching and how these factors significantly improve mental health.

He also spent time explaining the Spiral Dynamics of Dr Clare Graves which explains the levels of consciousness of  all of humanity in the modern societies that we co-exist within in the modern world.

01 Agenda.jpg
01 Agenda
02 About Me
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03 AboutCoaching.jpg
03 About Coaching
04 About Mental Health
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05 HowCoachingCanBenefitMentalHealth.jpg
05 How coaching can improve mental health
06 Spiral Dynamics
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Cliff's Full Coaching on Mental Health Speech

Cliff's Lunchtime Global Village Speech

Katherine's Conference Highlights

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