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A New Era of Recruitment: Marketing to the Top Talent Through Social Media

Updated: Jan 12

Social media has not just changed the way we search for candidates, it has changed the way that candidates search for employment. People looking for employment are turning to social media to find a suitable job. Today, when you contact a candidate for a position with your company, they are doing as much research on your company as you are doing on them.

In order to use this to your advantage, you need to ensure that your company is portrayed positively online. Your social networking page is not only a marketing tool to use for customers and clients, it should also be used to advertise your company to prospective employees. Candidates will be looking to make sure that your company is a community. They also want to know that your company is employee-oriented (that is, that you spend time and effort in making sure your employees are happy).

Tips to advertise your company to future employees:

Include events your company and the employees attend. Include

pictures of your company at the event, and posts about the event. Write about company news and announcements. Get your employees to write short posts about their work in the company. If your employees are having a celebration on a particular day, or have a team building activity, showcase it on your website and social networking site. Make sure to include pictures! If your company participates in any volunteering event (such as red nose day or TOMS no shoes day), advertise it! Let people know that your company participates and helps the community, and your company will look better for it. Include pictures of your employees participating, and candidates will look more positively on your company.

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