With offices in 5 countries in Asia, Europe and North America; Fitco finds, places and coaches the world's best talent to deliver outstanding results for our clients! 

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"Small is Beautiful"

strategically in Retained Search due to the "Off-Limits" rule.

Fitco’s boutique status therefore guarantees a competitive advantage!

Executive Search

Fitco Consulting Recruitment specializing in identifying and recruiting talent for key mid to senior level executive positions, as well as  board directors.

Executive Coaching

Developing key employees through training programmes and courses in order to attract, motivate and retain high quality people in forward thinking organizations


We bring world class process improvement methodologies to both management and production lines from Europe and North America.

We offer 3 months of free Erickson Art & Science of Professional  Coaching to all our placed candidates to ensure they not just exceed our clients expectations, they far surpass them

Personal Touch

The ultimate nudge towards convincing top talent to change their career path.

“From the start, Fitco-Consulting impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results were looking for. We needed a Head of Asia Business Development to start our Asia operations. After an intriguing interview process and analysis of our company and desired candidate, they found the right person in just 8 weeks. They have gone beyond our expectations to deliver great candidates for selection and guided us to making the correct offer.”

Nick Peyton

Mueller VP

We serve either the current or those who aspire to be the market leader in each industry sector. 
Our Evaluation Process includes:
  • Skill Set Verification
  • Character
  • Culture Fit
  • A Recommendation Report
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We are authorised to undertake
  • ​Harrison Assessments
  • The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument
testing on our candidates
Executive Coaching

Fitco works with senior executives and key employees to improve and strengthen their leadership skills to help them deliver outstanding business results that bring greater competitive advantages.

Practices of executive coaching that Fitco-Consulting offers:

  • Customised strategies to help improve predefined goals and objectives

  • Skills development

  • Performance improvement

  • Increased leadership activities

  • Behavioural changes

We undertake the role as a skilled middleman to ensure package expectations between clients and candidates are met.

Fitco specialises in implementing professional search processes for identifying and recruiting talent for key mid to senior level executive positions through developing a strong knowledge of relevant industries and a deep analytical assessment of candidates based on their past experiences and anticipated future potential.  

  • Rigorous screening process to ensure only highly suitable candidates are presented

  • Ensure resume factual accuracy

  • Conduct assessment of candidates detailed

Attracting top talent can be highly resource-consuming, uneconomical, and complex; however by outsourcing such tasks it enables your organisation to focus on what it does best while helping to mitigate risks.

No one understands more about analysing candidates than Fitco-Consulting. Our innovative search process includes tools such as Harrison Assessments and HBDI which gives our clients the assurance that we can provide candidates with the right skills and qualifications for their roles. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of local and global practices, laws and labour markets enables us to find suitable candidates for our clients. We are able to support our clients throughout the entire hiring and on boarding process as our targeted searches find only the best talent with an outstanding track record of success.

Our membership of the AESC ensures we conduct our searches to the very highest professional standards at all times

In order for organisations to genuinely be forward thinking and consistently evolving, they must regularly be investing in developing key employees through training programmes and courses. Fitco offers these services to ensure our clients receive a tailored program that exactly fits their personnel and development needs. 

  • Leadership

  • Harrisson Assessments

  • Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument

  • Communications

  • Marketing

  • Team Building

  • Presentations

  • Negotiations

Fitco's Weekly Progress Report 
  • Demonstrates thorough search
  • Provides market intelligence
  • Rapid candidate delivery 
to give our clients this great problem​
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