Fitco strives to be the most customer-aligned search firm in the world, as we continue to build on our 10 year track record of 100% client satisfaction.

With offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley and Cambridge-UK, Fitco is well positioned to provide executive search & HR consulting projects across the fast growing markets of the Asia Pacific region.

Fitco Consulting is a boutique executive search and strategic human resources consulting firm focusing on providing an ideal fit between corporations and executive talent.

Our personalised, highly tailored, proven search process & strategic consulting solutions; combined with a deep understanding of global markets help our client organizations to:

- Recruit and retain the best talents in the marketplace

- Build innovative teams

- Reach strategic organizational goals

- Unleash organizational constraints and potentials

- Enhance market competitiveness and increase market share

Fitco Consulting is established in the Asia Pacific region delivering world class executive search services to our clients which are European, North American and companies headquartered in Asia with worldwide operations.

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